Jeff Webb Varsity Brands

Meet Jeff Webb Varsity Brands, a multifaceted business leader, entrepreneur, and author, who has made a name for himself in the world of media, sports, and education. Currently, he serves as the Senior News Editor and Co-Publisher of Human Events, a Washington, D.C.-based news and analysis outlet that takes its name from the first sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Jeff's career spans over several decades, during which he has been involved in multiple business ventures. He founded Varsity Spirit in 1974, which has now grown into a global leader in cheerleading, dance teams, and performing arts innovation, with more than a million athletes participating annually in its educational camps, competitions, and events. He served as the CEO of Varsity Brands until 2018 and continued to serve as its Chairman until 2020, before he left to focus on other endeavors.

In addition to his involvement in sports and education, Webb has also served as the Chairman of Herff Jones, a company that manufactures and sells educational recognition products and achievement-focused motivational materials. He assumed his position in 2014 following Varsity Brands' acquisition of the company.

Webb's passion for media and journalism led him to join Human Events as its Senior News Editor in 2020. Alongside Executive Opinion Editor Will Chamberlain, he co-publishes the website, which transitioned from a print newspaper to a digital-only publication in 2013. Webb's influence on Human Events was evident in 2022 when he spearheaded the website's takeover of the Canadian online news magazine, The Post Millennial.

Throughout his career, Webb has demonstrated his ability to adapt and excel in different industries. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader, and author with a wealth of experience in media, sports, and education. Webb's contributions have helped shape the landscape of these industries, and he continues to make his mark through his current role at Human Events.

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